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Duration: 30 Minutes

Supporting students who have reading difficulties requires equipping educators with the knowledge, tools, and practices that put students on the path to success.

Watch this webinar to get a comprehensive plan to address reading risks and get evidence-based steps to start the school year strong.

Learn how to inform your teachers about dyslexia best practices, sharpen your understanding of current dyslexia legislation, explore screening tools, and hear from your peers on what’s working to jumpstart reading success.

Webinar Overview:

  • Broaden teachers’ understanding of dyslexia
  • Unpack dyslexia legislation and its impact on student populations
  • Explore research-based practices to support struggling readers
  • See screening tools that assess reading risks



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Roxanna Villaseñor 
Universal Leadership & Associations

Director of Educational Services Farmworker’s Institute of Education & Leadership Development


Roxanna has over 23 years of experience in education. She has taught in middle and high schools, including middle school math and science, and has also been a district administrator. Roxanna has served families throughout California and now is working statewide to support educators in serving California’s populations with the greatest need.

Angelica Casillas Wortham
Professional Learning Consultant


Angelica is a former ESL teacher at the elementary, high school, and university level. Her unique perspective as an educator and now a professional learning consultant helps her connect with and serve teachers around the country. Angelica is a PhD student at New Mexico State University working in the field of biliteracy.

Educator Resources


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