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Upcoming Webinars

Helping to connect student potential to powerful growth, Istation offers free webinars and virtual events throughout the year. Built for educational leaders, these engaging events bring together educational experts with highly relevant, top-of-mind topics. Discover insightful discussions with practical, actionable takeaways that will empower your school or district. Tune in today to move the needle on educator efficacy and maximize student learning! 

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On-Demand Webinars

From User to Expert with Professional Development: Using Tech Tools to Their Full Potential

How often does your school or district purchase edtech tools for teachers only to find at year’s end that teachers lacked the professional development necessary to use them to their full potential?

Discover how to:

  • take inventory of tech tools and resources;
  • map out a strategic use plan; and
  • evaluate the program’s or tool’s efficacy for driving student growth.

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Achieving Growth with Acceleration and Actionable Data

Now on demand, this interactive webinar will help you learn more about prescriptive ways to address deficiencies, support areas of growth, and keep students on grade level! Istation 's Karen Ingram and Faith Conti lead the discussion.

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Fall 2021 Biliteracy Virtual Conference

The conference consisted of three interactive, insightful discussions designed to educate and inform. These discussions included.....

  • Supporting Multilingualism in Schools: Understanding the Seal of Biliteracy

  • Biliteracy Education: Question and Answer with Dr. Heineke

  • Differentiated Instruction for Teachers, too! 2 Levels of Istation Implementation for Your Biliteracy Goals

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3 Steps to Accelerate Learning and Reimagine Intervention

Join us as we discuss 3 steps to help you accelerate learning and reimagine intervention as students return to the classroom.

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Build Social-Emotional Learning Skills with Blended Learning

In a landscape of remote, in-person, or hybrid models of teaching and learning, learn how educators can foster critical SEL skills using blended learning.

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Start the Year Strong: a 5-Step Plan to Transform Your School or District and Get Powerful Growth

Meet 3 exceptional district leaders who not only transitioned their district to remote learning with ease, but are also employing effective, data-driven strategies to set their district up for success. Get the steps to success!

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Connecting School and Home: How to Implement Powerful Assessment and Progress Monitoring Systems

Discover why computer-adaptive assessments are key to saving teachers time, helping educators differentiate instruction, and reducing the number of students who are struggling. Learn implementation best practices and progress monitoring must-haves to ensure grade-level proficiency.

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Get 3 Steps to Accelerate Learning and Reimagine Intervention for Your School

The COVID-19 pandemic has been extremely disruptive to students’ learning. Even for students who could adequately access online and hybrid programs, wide and varied learning gaps emerged that will take time and effort to overcome.

Learn Why Measuring Oral Reading Fluency Is So Important

In today’s rapidly changing education landscape, leaders in the industry are embracing both technology and data to support educators and students in many ways. One of the basics of education is literacy, and oral reading fluency (ORF) is key to improving it. But why does this metric matter?

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