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Empower Students to Own Their Learning

Click into a whole new, highly personalized learning experience with Istation! Designed to give students more ownership over their learning, Istation’s new digital experience provides more excitement, more engagement, and more growth opportunities than ever before. Access high-quality, equitable learning content with greater ease and speed, and watch your student superheroes fly!

Keep modern learners motivated with adaptive, learn-as-you-go instructional paths. Guided, in-program feedback helps students to do their best. Interactive goal-setting and progress-tracking tools provide clear views of where students are as they work toward grade-level mastery! New incentives, like customizable avatars and achievement celebrations, reward students for learning gains. Plus, students have access to a robust menu of fun lessons, games, and manipulatives. They can find both teacher-prescribed practice to build critical skills and self-selected activities to boost agency!

Space-KittyIstation’s new student experience offers…

  • quick and easy web browser access;
  • personalized, adaptive learning paths;
  • progress tracking towards proficiency;
  • actionable guidance for improvement;
  • clear visualization of goals;
  • achievement celebrations; and
  • grade-level appropriate design.


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What's New?

Image of ISIP Goals

Personalized Learning Paths

Highly personalized learning paths display where students are within the instruction. Plus, fun incentives, like customizable avatars and celebrations, reward students for growth and gains. 

Image of Istation's interface

Grade-Level Appropriate Interface

Learners can choose from a variety of new home screen options to get started. They are involved in the learning process from start to finish!

Image of student progress tracking screen.

Progress Tracking

The results screen empowers students to own their data and helps them track their progress towards mastery.