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Istation’s blended learning approach provides educators with tools to increase measurable outcomes, drive student engagement, and build mathematical proficiency for all learners.

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(video testimonial of Dr. Tricia Badillo, Principal at Blanton Elementary)

Powerful Data

Improve student achievement with engaging assessments and lessons that provide actionable and insightful feedback. Powered by the strands of mathematical proficiency, as outlined by the National Research Council, Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP) assessment addresses four levels of cognitive engagement, including:

  • Strategic Competence
  • Adaptive Reasoning
  • Procedural Fluency
  • Conceptual Understanding
Proven Results

Build foundational skills and predict student success while focusing on scientifically driven methods that improve engagement and educational outcomes. Aligned to individual state standards and Common Core State Standards, Istation’s assessments, instruction, and teacher-directed lessons also support special education.

Covering elementary math concepts, Istation’s interactive lessons and activities track and measure results while students apply skills such as problem solving, mathematical reasoning, and critical thinking.

Computer-adaptive assessments for measuring overall proficiency and ability.
Interactive lessons with responsive reteaching.

In ISIP™ Math, students’ overall proficiency and mathematical abilities are measured in less than 30 minutes with a computer-adaptive assessment. Next, learners are instantly placed in appropriate game-like instructional experiences, in which they follow an individualized instructional path based on their progress in the content. Teachers then have immediate access to personalized data profiles to guide instructional decision-making.

Jan 2020 math 2D shapes lessonMath9

What's Included

Teachers and administrators get the actionable and insightful data they need to differentiate instruction with essential tools and computer-based evaluations for small- and whole-group instruction. Schools get unlimited access, comprehensive support, and inclusive resources.

Formative Assessments

• Automatic screeners and progress monitoring

• On-demand assessments

• Precise measurements

• Seamless placement

Adaptive Curriculum

• Purposeful instruction

• Layered scaffolding

• Interactive lessons

• Explicit and direct instruction

• Responsive reteaching

Personalized Data Profiles

• Accurate results

• Recommendations for individual and small-group instruction

• Prescriptive support for intervention

• Intervention history

Teacher Resources

• Automatic priority alerts

• Online lesson libraries

• Interactive tools

• Lesson plans, interventions, and grouping mechanisms

• Reteaching tools

School-to-Home Connection

• Interactive lessons

• Ipractice

• Assignments

• Parent Portal

Professional Development

• Popular course models

• Customized workshops

• Support on-site, online, by phone and by email

Skills and Domains

Jan Update Math 3.5 geo lesson gif5 Geometry Early Math

ISIP Early Math: Pre-K – 1st Grade

Early learners are assessed in approximately 30 minutes with engaging computer-adaptive assessments that feature shopping in a grocery store called Mario’s Market. Assessment delivery is presented in a developmentally appropriate format with respect to students’ reading skills, fine/ gross motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

ISIP Early Math assesses proficiency in the following domains:

  • Number Sense
  • Computations and Algebraic Thinking
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Data Analysis
ISIP Math: 2nd – 8th Grade

Students are assessed in approximately 30 minutes with an engaging computer-adaptive assessment that introduces students to the world of Secret Equation Man. Students demonstrate their mathematical knowledge and provide critical insights and actionable data.

ISIP Math assesses proficiency in the following domains:

  • Numbers Sense
  • Computations and Algebraic Thinking
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Data Analysis
  • Probability * (varies by state)

Adaptive Curriculum

To promote student engagement and interest, Istation’s interactive lessons and activities immerse students in a game-like environment with fun storylines and characters. Early learners join rock stars Donnie and the Decimals as Math Superstars on a U.S. concert tour, singing and learning about math skills. Students in later grades learn more about mathematical concepts when they partner with Donnie and the Decimals, who take on hidden identities as Secret Equation Man and his undercover friends.

Number Sense

Understanding fundamental math skills, whole numbers, fractions, decimals, and relationships between decimals; representing numbers with visual models; and understanding place value, counting, rounding, and comparing.

Computations & Algebraic Thinking

Performing operations and representing algebraic relationships; recognizing and creating patterns; understanding symbols (+, -, x, ÷); learning and applying computation strategies (solving for unknown); recalling basic facts; and working with expressions and equations.

Measurement & Data Analysis

Determining size or amount; measuring length, weight, volume, area, perimeter, capacity (liquid value), time, and money; understanding customary and metric systems; sorting and classifying data into categories; using various types of graphs and tables to represent data; interpreting and explaining patterns; drawing conclusions to solve problems; and recognizing and understanding graphs, picture graphs, bar graphs, line/dot plots, tables, and more.


Understanding properties and attributes of shapes (2D and 3D), lines, and angles; sorting, classifying, naming, describing, and creating various shapes; and graphing points on the coordinate plane.


Analyzing chance events; organizing samples; making predictions; and determining solutions to problems.*

Personal Financial Literacy

Managing financial resources effectively for lifetime financial security; comprehending concepts of saving, spending, income, budgets, and borrowing; understanding/comprehending lending, credit, and debit; and understanding producers and consumers.*


"I love how the program tracks students' needs and provides instructional strategies. Our school is focused on creating a more beneficial and blended learning environment, and this application proves to be a hit!"

- 3rd Grade Math Teacher, Texas

Spend Time in Istation's Math Arcade

After students finish ISIP™ Math, they are placed on their own instructional path. While working along this path, students have the chance to play arcade games to practice their math skills. The best part is that now they can access arcade games as soon as they complete a whole unit of instruction!

Accommodations and Accessibility Features

A few of the universal features for all students:

  • Students may pause the assessment for up to 20 minutes.
  • Math Tools (embedded and applicable for ISIP Early Math/ISIP Math) – Digital tools are provided by Istation to complete specific math items.
  • Grouping (non-embedded and applicable across all assessments) – Teachers may administer the assessment in small groups to limit distractions.

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