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District administrators can set their educators up for success by offering a district-wide professional development opportunity built with student success in mind. 

Duration: 15 Minutes

Watch this webinar to learn how you can certify your educators with best practices and strategies using the Lexile and Quantile frameworks. 

In the webinar: 
  • Discover time-saving tools proven to boost student success
  • Unlock actionable professional development opportunities to offer educators in your district
  • Implement a plan that will help educators execute effective reading and math instruction


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Lisa Nemargut
Product Launch Manager
Lisa Nemargut is a former middle school mathematics teacher and interventionist with more than 11 years of experience in education and education technology. She is a subject matter expert in Lexile and Quantile measures and has extensive experience in how to use it in the classroom to drive student growth in reading and mathematics.

Educator Academy

Lexile Certification

Gain access to the knowledge, resources, and tools needed to deliver data-driven reading instruction to foster student growth. 


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Quantile Certification

Personalize math instruction, monitor student growth, and predict student success with a Quantile Certification.


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