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As Covid stimulus funding starts to run out, district leaders are forced to supplement diminishing school funding with new sources. But where do districts find new funding options and how do districts determine the right funds to meet goals?

Watch this webinar to get the blueprint on how to align your strategic plan with the right funding sources and uncover new funding opportunities available to your district. Hear from other district leaders on how they have successfully secured funding while staying within stipulations.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • Key terminology and facts on how funds are received and allocated to districts and schools

  • How to differentiate between federal, non-federal, competitive sources, and more

  • Strategies to help match available funds to your strategic plans  

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Faith Conti

Customer Success Manager - Istation

Faith Conti

School districts and PreK-12 markets have relied on Faith for over 15 years to help empower teachers and students by utilizing multiple implementation strategies and high-quality educational software. As an Istation Customer Success Manager, she's the master of collaboration. Faith builds bridges between internal and external teams to keep everyone on the same page and ensure district partners meet their goals.

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