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Dual-language educators need proven-to-work strategies that move the needle on growth.

Watch this webinar to learn about Istation's comprehensive learning solution designed to enhance dual-language instruction and foster biliteracy. 

In the webinar: 
  • Discover best practices for teaching dual language learners
  • Explore how to boost teacher efficacy in dual-language instruction 
  • Implement biliteracy progress monitoring and tools for informed decision making 


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Neida Mastanduno
Bilingual Professional Learning Consultant
 Neida Mastanduno has been in education for 20 years and began her career as an elementary teacher and instructional coach. She transitioned into a Dual-Language Curriculum Specialist at the district level. Neida strives to empower educators through professional development.
Soraya Sotto
Bilingual Professional Learning Consultant
Soraya Sotto has 19 years of experience as an educator. She spent the first half of her educational career in Puerto Rico and the second half in Florida. Soraya is an advocate of bilingualism and encourages educators and students to set high standards. 

Support Dual Language Learners


Accelerate Dual Language Learning 

Support dual language learners with Istation's adaptive online learning programs available in Spanish and English.


Dual Language Learner Assessment

Understand how to meet the needs of dual language learners in districts and schools.