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Ensuring that math programming meets the needs of every student in your district or school is critically important. 

With a mix of unfinished, on-grade, and advanced learning needs in today's math classrooms, even your most experienced teachers may struggle to provide instruction that accelerates growth across the board. 

Watch this 20-minute Ed Talk to explore research-tested strategies that empower teachers to address diverse math learning needs. 

Learn the latest evidence-based approaches for accelerating student growth and achievement in math.

You’ll come away with practical steps to implement in your district or school to supercharge math pedagogy and practice.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to know if your current math programming is effective

  • Frameworks for grouping students and tailoring instruction

  • Effective math instructional leadership

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Brooke Mabry

Vice President of Learning and Product Design - Istation


Brooke Mabry is a dedicated educator with twenty years of experience. She began her career as a high school teacher in Asheville, NC, and earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in teaching and educational leadership from Western Carolina University. 

Brooke is a National Board Certified Teacher and has served in various roles, including classroom teacher, instructional coach, district director of teaching and learning, and national educational consultant. 

She currently serves as the Vice President of Learning and Product Design at Istation where she leads teams to innovate in digital curriculum design and gamification and development of educator resources. 

Brooke is deeply committed to practices that promote equity, agency, and social and emotional wellbeing. She continues to learn and refine her professional practice, particularly in the areas of edtech and neuroscience.

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