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Duration: 30 Minutes

Watch our webinar to explore practical approaches to fostering collaborative environments among educators.

Learn how to cultivate an inclusive culture on your campus, leverage technology, and support effective communication to strengthen teaching communities and enhance student learning outcomes.

Webinar Key Highlights

  • Explore what makes an effective educator community
  • Discuss the importance of an educator community
  • Strategize ways to build strong communities on your campus

Celebrating 25 Years

This webinar offering is part of Istation’s 25-year anniversary of service to educators. 

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Christy Spivey
Senior Vice President of Customer Success
Christy Spivey VP Customer Success Headshot
Christy leads the customer support, professional services, and product launch teams in their work to provide classrooms with best-in-class customer support to achieve successful student outcomes. She spent over 20 years in education and started as a college and high school English teacher before moving into EdTech. 

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