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Computer-adaptive assessments, instruction and more

Built on both the standards-based and research-based models of Istation Reading, Istation Math offers game-like computer adaptive formative assessments for students in pre-K through 8th grade and adaptive online instruction for pre-k through 5th grade students.

“The same amount of expertise and passion that went into developing reading lessons more than a decade ago went into Istation Math,” said Istation Vice President of Curriculum Tracey Roden. “When we build a product, it’s like we have our own virtual classroom of children. Even if we don’t ever physically walk into that classroom, we are determined to take care of them and provide them with high quality, individualized instruction.”

Watch this 1-minute introductory video on Istation Math to see why students love learning math with Istation's Secret Equation Man and Donnie & The Decimals: