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Designed to engage students throughout their learning journey, Istation’s online reading solution combines fun, relatable content with interactive, game-based activities to build skills and support academic success.

One-Stop Shop for Reading Instruction

Istation provides middle school educators with a one-stop online tool for accessing reading assessments, instruction, and progress monitoring.

Plus, a library of lessons aligned to core curriculum and state standards helps teachers quickly and effectively deliver targeted reading interventions.


Easy-to-Use Online Instructional Tools

Easy to implement and use in schools or at home, Istation empowers students to work independently on their instructional path — at any time and from anywhere!

"We use Istation a lot in small groups. It’s an incredible tool because we can tailor specific lessons for students."

- Brenda McCoy, 6th Grade ELA Teacher

Increase Student Engagement

Keep middle school students engaged using Istation’s story-driven curriculum, diverse characters, and action-packed narratives. Game-like activities allow students to apply reading comprehension, vocabulary, language, writing, and critical thinking skills.

  • Adaptive, learn-as-you-go instructional paths
  • Guided, in-platform feedback
  • College and career readiness skill development

Coach Students with Actionable Data

Measure skills most predictive of reading success with Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) assessments.


  • Assess an entire class in 30 minutes or less
  • Measure student learning through real-time insights
  • Use interactive goal-setting and progress-tracking tools
  • Unlimited access to standard-aligned lessons and resources
  • Get support from an award-winning customer success team

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