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What is High-Dosage Tutoring?

High-dosage tutoring (HDT) is an intensive tutoring model delivered frequently over time and during the school day to accelerate learning. This tutoring model occurs one on one or in small groups of three or four to provide intentional and additional time to focus on building prerequisite knowledge while working on grade-level materials. HDT is formal or frequent; it is not remedial work.

Proven Effectiveness

Research has shown that HDT can support learning gains and help students get back to grade-level learning in an accelerated manner. The research recommends the following keys to successful tutoring programs:

  • three or more sessions per week (30-60 minutes per session) during the school day or immediately after school
    • Elementary students may benefit from shorter, more frequent sessions (e.g., 20 minutes, five time per week)
  • duration of at least 10 weeks
  • one-on-one or small groups of three or four students
  • consistency and building a relationship between tutor and students
  • high-quality instructional materials aligned with classroom learning

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High-Dosage Tutoring with Istation

Districts that are looking to pair high-quality instructional materials with their tutoring programs can use Istation to support the instructional strategies of their tutors:

  • Tutors can use formative assessment data from Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) to identify a student’s skill level and group students based on abilities.
  • Targeted instruction gives students exactly what they need through interactive lessons during, before, or after a tutoring session.
  • Between tutoring sessions, tutors can use the progress-monitoring tools to gain insights into student growth and can highlight areas that need additional intervention and areas to celebrate improvement.
  • Tutors can leverage the teacher resources within Istation, which support small-group instruction and allow educators to customize tutoring sessions with targeted interventions.

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Supporting Tutoring Implementations with Best-In-Class Customer Support

Professional services to support high-dosage tutoring programs include all of the following for districts and schools (customized pricing is available):

  • overview of Istation products
  • goal setting
  • reports training
  • data-driven instructional practices
  • accessing digital and print teacher resources
  • ongoing coaching and support
  • regular office hours

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