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Istation Discussion Topics

From RTI to MTSS - Building Your Intervention Team

The terms RTI and MTSS are not interchangeable. It is important to understand that RTI fits within the MTSS framework. MTSS is a more extensive system of student intervention that involves not only a heightened community awareness but also a greater focus on prevention for all students, not just those who are struggling.

The Evolution of Intervention


The MTSS Umbrella

Defining Progress Monitoring

Understanding Student Tiers

Istation For Intervention


Formative Assessments - A Way to Mold Instruction

In many arenas, the word assessment has a negative connotation; however, it is not a bad word. Assessment is a systematic process that is used by educators to gather data to evaluate instruction. Educators use the data to measure and document student progress toward a goal or standard, to evaluate the effectiveness of programs, and to determine if instructional goals have been met.

What is Assessment?

Three Forms of Assessment

Formative Assessment is Considered a Best Practice

What to Expect from Formative Assessment

Digital Formative Assessments

A Digital Formative Assessment Solution


Professional Development - Uplifting Direction, Guidance and Support

Proper, well-organized technology training for instructors unlocks the learning potential in students through the effective use of integrated tools. It is well worth the time and effort to provide a clear understanding of what platforms to use, technical specifications for each tool, and easy-to-follow instructions for setup and implementation. Ultimately, the process will create a well-informed staff who can pass their expertise to their students and creatively extend the features of their Edtech Integration.

Deepen Professional Development

Technology Training is Essential

Linking Data with Instruction

Prioritizing Technology's Fun Features

How Istation Can Help Professional Development

Meet Istation Team Members, Thought Leaders and Other Istation Users at an Upcoming Event or Webinar

Discover insightful discussions with practical, actionable takeaways that will empower your school or district by tuning into one of the upcoming webinars hosted by Istation!

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Information for Parents and Teachers Using Istation

Educators and families have faced many unknowns during COVID-19. Istation wants to create a smooth experience for teachers, students and their families. We have created an additional resource page to help educators lead through unprecedented times. You can visit the page Helping Educators Lead Through Change from the link below. 

Helping Educators Lead Through Change

Parents and teachers can also visit our Empower Educators page for installation instructions and making the most out of Istation at home.

Parent Resources Page

Related Topics From The Istation Blog

How Intervention Helped a Failing School Get an A

Stephens was first introduced to Istation while working as the assistant principal for Bozeman Elementary School in Lubbock. Stephens admits that she and her team of teachers didn’t know much about solid intervention practices and knew even less about small-group instruction. For them, “intervention” meant reteaching to struggling learners the lesson they had heard earlier that day.

3 Helpful Tips for Progress Monitoring Students

Monitoring student progress can help teachers make informed decisions about where to go with classroom instruction. Being able to see growth over time in students’ data gives teachers an idea of what’s working and what to try next. 
Consider these three helpful tips to ensure you are getting the most out of progress monitoring your students.

Blended Learning for Reading, Math and Spanish

Delivering powerful results while ensuring equity and reducing teacher workload, Istation’s educational technology meets the needs of all students – at school and at home. Contact us to learn how to build your intervention team with Istation.

Build Your Intervention Team With Istation