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Texas Participation Contest


In 2017 we encourage teachers and their students to join Istation’s participation contest, running January 3-31. After this time, the winning school will receive these prizes:

  • a $500 donation to the school
  • an Istation red cape for every classroom teacher
  • a link to free printable Istation recognition certificates for every student 
  • an Istation T-shirt and poster for each grade level’s top student

How to Win: Click here to sign up your school today! The contest will center around Istation's reading and writing assessments and instruction. The school with the largest increase in Istation usage (on a per student basis) will win!

What is Istation Reading?

  1. ISIP™ assessment/instruction
  2. Writing
  3. Home features: assignments, books, and Ipractice

Track Your Progress: Track your school’s progress by generating a campus Usage Report.* Click here for more information on how to do this.

Brag About Your Progress: For increased motivation, post on social media how your school is participating in this challenge. Use the hashtag #RedCapeContest to share pictures and content.

Read about how Istation’s assessments can help you predict STAAR passage with 95% confidence. 

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Read the full story of our Texas contest winners here: 

Winner Announced


*Teachers can track the total number of sessions and total amount of time spent in Istation by running the classroom Usage Report. Schools can track campus level usage by exporting the Usage Report at the campus level to show the average number of sessions and average amount of time spent in the program. You do not need to report this data to Istation; it’s for your own reference. Istation will monitor progress separately. The winning school will be announced and contacted the first week of February.