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Designed by Spanish teachers, Istation’s blended learning approach provides culturally relevant resources and materials that help schools improve student achievement.

Powerful Data

Improve comprehension and growth with engaging assessments and lessons that provide actionable and insightful feedback. Istation includes resources and support that measure and instruct foundational essentials, including:

  • Phonemic awareness
  • Phonics
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
Proven Results

Build foundational skills, strengthen mastery, boost achievement, and predict student success while focusing on scientifically driven methods that improve engagement and educational outcomes.

Aligned to individual state standards and Common Core State Standards, Istation’s assessments, instruction, and teacher-directed lessons also support Spanish-language instruction and special education students.

  • Instruction with Latin culture and literature
  • Engaging assessments in Spanish
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What's Included

Teachers and administrators get the actionable and insightful data they need to differentiate instruction with essential tools and computer-based evaluations for small- and whole-group instruction. Schools get unlimited access, comprehensive support, and inclusive resources.

Formative Assessments

• Automatic screeners and progress monitoring

• On-demand assessments

• Precise measurements

• Seamless placement

Adaptive Curriculum

• Purposeful instruction

• Layered scaffolding

• Interactive lessons

• Explicit and direct instruction

• Responsive reteaching


Personalized Data Profiles

• Accurate results

• Recommendations for individual and small-

group instruction

• Prescriptive support for intervention

• Intervention history

Teacher Resources

• Automatic priority alerts

• Online lesson libraries

• Interactive tools

• Lesson plans, interventions, and grouping mechanisms

• Reteaching tools

School-to-Home Connection

• Interactive lessons

• Ipractice

• Assignments

• Parent Portal

Professional Development

• Popular course models

• Customized workshops

• Support on-site, online, by phone and by email


ISIP Lectura Pre-K - 3rd Grade

      • Listening Comprehension
      • Writing Conventions
      • Spelling
      • Vocabulary
      • Text Fluency
      • Phonic Awareness
      • Reading Comprehension

ISIP Lectura 4th - 5th Grade

      • Vocabulary
      • Reading Comprehension
      • Text Fluency
      • Spelling / Word Analysis

Spanish 3 lesson

Adaptive Curriculum

Cycles of Instruction

From Learning to Read to Reading to Learn
Learning to Read
Reading to Learn
Emergent Skills



Sound / Symbol

Book and Print Awareness

Letter Trace

Phonemic Awareness

Letter Recognition


Read Alouds

Early Reading Skills



Letter Recognition

Phonemic Awareness


Syllable Blending

Book and Print Awareness

Reading Comprehension


Decodable Books

Transitional Skills

Untitled design (16)



Independent reading

Parts of speech


High frequency words

Developed and Fluent



Genre Study


Independent Reading

Making Connections Across Texts


Teacher Experience

Made by expert Spanish teachers, Istation’s nationally normed, research-based formative assessments and adaptive curriculum cover the essentials of reading.

Actionable, Insightful Data

Get easy-to-understand feedback that is timely, specific, and constructive to help support instructional decision-making, increase engagement, and improve educational outcomes. Mixing teaching and technology to differentiate instruction, Istation prescribes explicit and direct lessons, giving students targeted interventions and

Comprehensive Intervention and Instruction

Istation Lectura’s authentic Spanish literacy intervention and instruction enhance learning through purposeful activities with Latin culture and literature. Young learners’ skills are assessed in Spanish through engaging, computer-adaptive activities. Students are then seamlessly placed into high-interest, interactive online instruction.

As students progress through the interactive instructional cycles, they have multiple opportunities to engage with a variety of texts with increasing complexity across genres. Struggling students are routed through reteach lessons, and teachers are given instant reports to monitor student progress.

Each Priority Report directs teachers to specific skills-based, small-group lessons for targeted intervention. Additionally, each instructional cycle contains multiple teacher-directed lessons for further instructional differentiation and support.

Giving Teachers More Time to Teach and Students the Instruction They Need When They Need It

Interactive lessons, read-alouds, digital books, real-time reports, and Istation’s other all-inclusive tools support all levels of instruction for all student abilities. From developing to established readers, Istation supports intervention, development, and accelerated learning.

ISIP™ Lectura Subtests

Students begin with an assigned set of grade-based assessments. More or less challenging subtests will be added based on each student’s estimated overall reading ability score.

Lexile® Measures to Connect Students with Reading Materials

Schools get up-to-date Lexile reading measures for students based on their performance on Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) assessments. Interactive books and reading passages are correlated to Lexile reading measures. Searching beyond Istation’s digital library of reading materials, the Lexile Find-a-Book feature screens and filters books according to students’ Lexile measure along with genre, reading interest, and more.

"The bottom line is that students have access to authentic Spanish and they’re applying their foundational skills in literature and informational reading, which is critical. The fact that Istation has authentic Spanish, and not just translation, is huge for our bilingual program."

ISIP Oral Reading Fluency in Spanish

This cutting-edge assessment allows students to make recordings of themselves reading authentic, grade-leveled passages, which teachers can review and score at their convenience. Students are able to see ISIP ORF in Spanish if they have access to ISIP Español at school or home. Teachers can score passages using the manual scoring interface, and they can access saved recordings in an online archive. There are enough passages for students to assess monthly without seeing any repeats.

Choose the Right Biliteracy Technology for Your English Learners

Schools across the country have discovered the importance of developing and empowering their Spanish-speaking students. They are encouraging English learners to pursue biliteracy through bilingual and dual-language programs. These learning programs often have goals for students to… achieve success at or above the benchmark in content areas, become bilingual and biliterate, and develop the knowledge, skills, and disposition to become a competent global citizen.

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