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Powerful Growth for Alabama Schools

Istation's Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) reading and math assessments
approved for grades K-3 in Alabama

Approved by the Alabama State Department of Education, ISIP is a valid and reliable screening, formative, and diagnostic assessment program for students in grades K-3.

Supporting the Alabama Literacy Act’s annual screening and reporting requirements, ISIP provides real-time formative data and frequent progress monitoring that helps inform interventions, differentiate instruction, and identify students who may be at risk for reading disabilities, including dyslexia and other related disorders. 

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Recommended by the Alabama Literacy Task Force

Powered by scientific evidence and comprehensive research, Istation’s blended learning approach includes the nationally normed, research-based Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) for reading and math. These powerful computer-adaptive universal screening programs with flexible progress-monitoring tools deliver actionable and insightful data. Click here for an  informational e-brochure.

The ISIP early reading assessment system includes:

  • - Alignment to specific early literacy requirements as outlined in the Alabama Literacy Act.
  • - LEA autonomy to choose an assessment system that best meet their current needs (especially regarding technology capability and community context).
  • - Availability of future data comparisons to predict success on the Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program (ACAP) 
Hoover City Schools & Istation

Learn how one Alabama school district's Title I team went above and beyond for their students using Istation's intervention and instruction.

Istation is aligned to individual state standards and Common Core State Standards

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Covering the National Reading Panel’s “Big Five” essentials, the National Research Council’s strands of mathematical proficiency, and more, Istation is aligned to individual state standards and Common Core State Standards. Istation’s assessments, instruction, and teacher-directed lessons also support English-language instruction and special education.

Plus, Istation’s digital Oral Reading Fluency assessment combines over three decades of educational research with more than a decade of technical development and data to provide schools with the latest voice recognition and recording technology through a partnership with Boulder Learning, Inc.