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Course Overview


Offered Exclusively by Istation

The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction is offering high-quality professional development opportunities to educators for the 2023-2024 school year.

North Dakota educators now have access to the MetaMetrics® Lexile® & Quantile® Educator Academy – at no cost!

This consists of two, self-paced professional development courses that provide educators a blueprint for matching students with leveled resources and individualizing student goals.

A message from Kirsten Baesler, ND Superintendent of Public Instruction

Lexile® & Quantile® Certifications

Now available to all North Dakota educators.



10 Hours / Course, Self-Paced

Screen Pencil@4x


Online, Asynchronous

Check Mark@4x


Free to North Dakota K-12 Educators


Lexile® Certification

The Lexile® course is designed to support educators in planning and executing effective reading instruction using student data and evidence-based research.

Module 1: Understand the Framework for Reading 

Module 2: Use Lexile® Measures and tools in the classroom

Module 3: Foundational Reading: Phonics & Decoding or The Lexile® Growth Planner and Career Database

Module 4: Extensions, Advanced Classroom Applications and Communication



Quantile® Certification

The Quantile® certification provides North Dakota educators learn how to bring personalized math instruction to their students.

Module 1: Understand the Framework for Math

Module 2: Use Quantile® Measures and Tools in the Classroom

Module 3: Unlock the Quantile® Growth Planner and Career Database

Module 4: Extensions, Advanced Classroom Applications and Communication


What You'll Receive At No Cost



What You'll Learn

  • The framework for reading or mathematics
  • How to use Lexile® and Quantile® Measures in the classroom
  • An understanding of Lexile® and Quantile® Growth Planner and Career Database
  • How to communicate course knowledge with parents and peers

Enroll Today

Sign up for a Lexile® and/or Quantile® Certification today! 

*This additional option for CEUs from the University of Mary at Bismarck costs $45 (self-paid) and is available to educators who have completed one of both of the courses in the Educator Academy.