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In order to answer frequently asked questions from parents and teachers, we have created a new page that includes step-by-step instructions on how to get the most out of Istation at school or at home.

Please visit our Empower Educators page for installation instructions and making the most out of Istation at home.

Empower Educators at School and Home

Educational leaders preparing for back to school during COVID-19 face many unknowns. Istation has created this resource page to help educators lead through unprecedented times. Challenges created by the novel coronavirus require leaders to stay extra flexible and to face topics like summer learning loss, intervention, blended learning, and more with an extraordinary spirit of optimism and innovation.

Use these free resources to help your school or district get effective intervention and instruction, discover best practices, connect with educators, and hear about what’s working for others. Whether learning happens at school or at home, Istation is committed to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to achieve powerful academic growth.

"Recouping skill loss after the challenges created by COVID-19 is top of mind for educational leaders planning for back to school."


Preparing for Back-To-School

Educational leaders crafting back-to-school plans during COVID-19 face murky waters ahead. While there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach due to the diverse needs of any school or district, challenges created by the novel coronavirus require leaders to stay extra flexible this year. Listen to this insightful podcast to hear educational leaders discuss the essentials of any re-entry plan.

Blended Learning

Now that educational technology is a necessity, blended learning is a key component of any school or home learning plan, which we discuss in the e-book Making the Switch to Digital. Instruction delivered through technology can be much more personalized and motivates students to set and reach goals. Learn how in the blog post “4 Strategies for Blended Learning.” Listen to this podcast, “How Blended Learning Prepares Students for Success,” to discover a blended learning strategy that will work best for your school’s culture. And to learn how to effectively implement edtech, check out one school’s story for inspiration in the blog post “A Station Rotation Model for Early Learners.”

Photo of boy using Istation in a classroom.

Professional Development

Professional development will likely hinge on customization (“Why we need a better approach to PD” white paper) and virtual coaches (How Virtual Learning Coaches Support Powerful School Growth) as social distancing continues. High-quality coaching for teachers that covers how to make sense of student data, understanding the broader goals of the school and district, and mastery of new technology will be key to bringing confidence into the classroom. To see what educators had to say about the quality and effectiveness of the professional development in their districts, get the survey results here.

Social-Emotional Learning

Educational leaders must find new ways to support teachers and parents to keep building SEL skills whether learning takes place at home or school. School will not look the same upon re-entry, and SEL is emerging as a priority to help ease anxiety during the transition. Listen to this podcast, “Helping Teachers Lead Through Crisis: Remote Success with Social Emotional Learning,” to hear educators share valuable insights on boosting teachers’ SEL competencies, and read the white paper “Supporting SEL Through Tech” for tips on embedding SEL in virtual interactions with students. Plus, check out this webinar, “How Blended Learning Can Foster Social-Emotional Learning,” to learn how to use technology to bolster SEL skills such as goal setting, collaborating with others, and more.


Photo of girl and teacher in a classroom.Recouping skill loss after the challenges created by COVID-19 is top of mind for educational leaders planning for back to school. Every student will need some sort of intervention, but how do you determine what approach is best? Read on to learn how to recoup skill loss with research-based strategies!

To hear what two former principals have to say about leading a school-wide intervention, tune in to the podcast “How to Perform Instructional Interventions While Coping with the Coronavirus Pandemic.” And to learn how to promote skill acquisition whether students are learning at home or at school, watch the webinar “Preparing for Back to School During COVID-19: Recouping Skill Loss with Powerful Intervention Strategies.”

Also check out this webinar, led by a national reading expert, to ensure that students are getting the right reading assessments: “Why Oral Reading Fluency is Crucial to the Post-Covid Classroom.” And if you’re working with English language learners who face a unique set of academic challenges, this white paper is a must-read: “How Data Boosts Dual-Language Learning.”

Also recommended: “Boost Outcomes with the Big Five” white paper

"Without intervention support systems, students who were struggling when we left school are only going to be further behind."

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At first glance, this may seem like a strange thing to quantify, but decades of research have shown oral reading fluency to be highly correlated with reading comprehension, especially for young, nascent readers, which makes it useful as a screening tool.

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Delivering powerful results while ensuring equity and reducing teacher workload, Istation’s educational technology meets the needs of all students – at school and at home. Contact us to learn how to build your intervention team with Istation.

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