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The Power to Predict Student Success

Teacher-Friendly Data that Drives Intervention and Informs Instruction

Teaching with reliable, easy-to-read data reveals student potential and also offers powerful instructional solutions. That's why schools count on Istation's teacher-friendly data for reading, math, and Spanish literacy.

Based on computer-adaptive diagnostic and screening programs, progress monitoring, and more, schools get the most from Istation's student data because it's approachable, easy to use, and helpful. 

Schools get the power to predict student success, prioritize critical interventions, differentiate instruction, and close achievement gaps. Even schools with limited resources and time can boost educational effectiveness with the power of Istation's teacher-friendly data.

Powerful Insight

Using data to uncover where students struggle helped instructors like Kirk Lindsay improve outcomes at Chief Tahgee Elementary Academy in Idaho. He analyzed results from Istation’s computer-adaptive assessments to find out what was keeping one student from progressing.

“One of our 5th graders was struggling,” Lindsay said. “He was always working, but it just never seemed like he was going to get it.”

Lindsay discovered the student’s true potential and capabilities using Istation’s reports, which identified specific skills that required more focus and attention.

“He was so stressed over the things that he didn’t get, he wasn’t working on the things that he did get,” Lindsay said. “He wasn’t working on the things that he did know.”

After identifying the student’s problem areas, Lindsay worked with the school’s interventionist to address the challenges.

“He came back in to take the next test and just launched,” Lindsay said. “Just with the little adjustment, the one thing that he wasn’t getting, that was holding him back. We had a tool that found where he struggled.”


See What Students Can Achieve

Istation’s teacher-friendly data drives intervention and differentiates instruction for reading, math, and Spanish literacy based on computer-adaptive diagnostic and screening programs, progress monitoring, and more. Teachers get relevant, reliable, and valid student data to analyze and interpret and can respond to real-time results from pre-built reports that include links to teacher-led lessons. 

Explore the Power of Data

This FREE e-book shows how data empowers educators, supports intervention, and differentiates instruction. To see what it takes to educate with student data that goes beyond strengths and weaknesses, get Counting on Data Quality from Istation and learn more about these key topics:

  • Data Quality for Educational Decision-Making
  • Digital Approaches to Progress Monitoring
  • 5 Must-Haves to Get the Most from Student Data