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Istation Mixes Technology and Teaching

You can boost student achievement and close learning gaps with Istation's learning technology.

Providing schools with digital lessons and face-to-face teaching strategies for reading, math, and Spanish, Istation’s robust online curriculum and flexible teacher tools support diverse instructional approaches, including small- and whole-group instruction for students.

Differentiate instruction and personalize learning with Istation’s essentials for blended learning: formative assessments, adaptive curriculum, personalized data profiles, teacher directed lessons, school-to-home connection, professional development, and proven results.

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Istation's instructional materials meet WIDA English and Spanish language proficiency standards and support intervention and differentiation for English langua

Istation Español 

Istation's Spanish literacy assessment and instruction for pre-K through 5th grade provide authentic Spanish intervention and instruction that teaches skills most predictive of success for all bilingual implementations, including dual-language models. Plus, Istation now includes an oral reading fluency assessment in Spanish.

Istation Reading

Powered by the science of reading, Istation's assessments and instruction cover the National Reading Panel's "Big Five" foundational essentials. Schools get the support they need to improve comprehension and growth with activities and lessons that provide actionable and insightful data that measures phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary as well as many other skills.


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