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Report and Management Website Updates

  • Lexile® student measures are included on the Classroom Summary and Student Summary Handout. Both ISIP Early Reading and ISIP Advanced Reading include Lexile student measures in comprehension subtests.
  • Look for the Writing button on the Main Menu for access to lessons that teach the six traits of effective writing. Now, with access in school as well as at home, students can choose between paragraph building and essay writing.

Coming in Feburary 2014!  

  • Progress monitoring is more effective with data and metrics that are easier to access and analyze. The updated Classroom and Student pages have great new looks that include simpler organization and at-a-glance details.
  • Classroom pages list each student’s monthly ISIP™ status and weekly activity. Plus, each class can be sorted by tier level. Besides links to each individual Student Profile page, there are new click-through links to related classroom pages and reports.
  • Student pages pull together on a single screen each student’s personalized key metrics and profiles along with click-through access to related reports, classroom pages, and additional information.
  • Key metrics on each Student page use color-coding to define tier levels and usage proficiency as well as the student’s percentage ranking according to the national normative standards.
  • Student login cards for printing are now available in multiple new sizes.





Watch a Demo about New Classroom and Student Pages

Istation continously works to provide updates and new releases to the Report and Management website as well as educational support, lessons, and activities. Watch the video to see how the latest updates help improve progress monitoring and program management.